Brand curators, consumer visionaries, operational polymaths and most importantly, good people.

J. Michael Chu
Global Co-CEO

Scott A. Dahnke
Global Co-CEO

Marc Magliacano
Managing Partner, Buyout Fund

Andrew C. Taub
Managing Partner, Buyout Fund

Nikhil Thukral
Managing Partner, Buyout Fund

Ravi Thakran
Managing Partner & Chairman, Asia

Narayan Ramachandran
Vice Chairman, Managing Director, India

Michael J. Farello
Managing Partner, Growth Fund

Jonathan H. Owsley
Managing Partner, Growth Fund

Philippe Franchet
Managing Partner - Europe

Andrea Ottaviano
Managing Partner - Europe

Dirk Donath
Managing Partner, Latin America

Mathieu Le Bozec
Managing Partner & Founder, Real Estate

Karen Gordon
Managing Partner of Portfolio Operations

Robert S. Hull
Global Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Philippe Barade
Partner - Europe

Julio Babecki
Partner, Latin America

Dennis B. Ever
Head of Global Investor Relations

David Gester
Partner & Chief Development Officer, Real Estate

Hanji Huang
Managing Director, China

David Heidecorn

Alexandre Heriard-Dubreuil
Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Real Estate

Stefan Abbruzzese
Partner and Global Chief Administrative Officer

Farah Khan
Partner, Latin America

Harry Markl
Managing Director, Operations Asia

David McPherson
Chief Legal Officer

Lisa Myers
Partner, Buyout Fund

Ketki Paranjpe
Managing Director, India & West Asia

Howard Steyn
Partner for Global Opportunities

Eduardo Velasco
Partner - Europe

Taku Yamaumi
Partner & Head of Japan, Real Estate

Jun Wang
Managing Director, South East Asia

Todd Bartee
Operating Partner

Marc-David Bismuth
Operating Partner

Sebastien Katch
Operating Partner

Christian Mariager
Operating Partner

Michael Meyer
Operating Partner

Sally Pofcher
Operating Partner

Shantanu Mukerji
Managing Director, Australia & Non Asia

Vispi Patel
Managing Director, Asia

Frank Zhao
Managing Director, Operations

Nicolas Desbois
Partner & Chief Financial Officer - Europe

Alain Hortion
Partner & Chief Financial Officer, Real Estate

Sandra Kim-Suk
Chief Financial Officer

Gilbert Ong
Chief Financial Officer, Asia

Dan Reid
Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel

Tom Steinthal
Chief Information Officer

L Catterton Board Members & Conducting Officers